Our Heroes

Man receiving award from Birthright of Columbia
Woman receiving award from Birthright of Columbia
Man receiving award from Birthright of Columbia

The Dr. HERBERT M. BLACK Memorial Award

This award is given to recognize loving devotion and help to Birthright of Columbia, and has been presented to the following recipients.

1983: Dr. George W. Watt
1984: Sue Jennings & Margaret O’Shea
1985: Margaret Pricipino & WMHK-FM Staff
1986: Marie Bridges, C.N.M. & J. Cantey Heath
1987: Dorothy Knight & Dr.. J. Neyle Bennett
1988: Ruth Hoover & Forest Lake Presbyterian
1989: Ralph Garris & Our Lady of the Hills
1990: Jim McCarty & Another Printer, Inc.
1991: Carol & Chuck Vaughn
1992: Camille Bradford & St. Peter’s Church
1993: St. John Neumann Catholic Church
1994: Dutch Fork Christian Church
1995: Ruth Cox & Eric Baker
1996: Barb, Williams, & Gee PA
1997: First Baptist Acteens & St. Mary’s Women’s Club
1998: St. Joseph’s Church & Mary Greenwold
1999: Patty & Steve Sands
2000: Wal Mart Harbison
2001: Charlie & Mickie Maxfield
2002: Zorba’s Restaurant & Northeast Presbyterian Church
2003: Beth & Mike Barb
2004: Corpus Christi Catholic Church Women
2005: Birthright Hotline Volunteers
2006: Corpus Christi Catholic Church Youth Group
2007: Herb Johnson
2008: St. Michael’s Catholic Church
2009: Doug Mader Family
2010: Bethel UMC Women’s Group
2011: St. John Crisis Ministry
2012: Hilde and Paul Meisner
2013: Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church
2014: Susan and Dan Wallace
2015: Frank Scheper and Family & Congaree Baptist Church
2016: USC College of Nursing and Dorothy Jamin Marron
2017: Nurse Family Partnership and VillaTronco
2018: Darryl Willliams and Therese Dionne

2019: Coleen Coletta and Roly Poly

2020: NewSprings Church and A Moment of Hope

2021:  Sally and Hank Chardos

2022:  Estela Landaverde and Marco A. Robles

2023: Karen Hanson and Emily Middleton